Our Curriculum

We have 3 curriculum pathways, and each student will follow the pathway which is most appropriate for their individual needs.

Pathway 1 (An informal Curriculum) – To provide a rich curriculum which uses sensory exploration to engage students with the world around them.

This curriculum will maximise communication, specific interests and skills. It will support and maintain physical wellbeing by providing the resources and support necessary to meet individual needs.
Students following Pathway 1 will be supported to take their place as members of the wider school community.

Pathway 2 (A Semi-formal Curriculum)- To provide a curriculum which is focused upon active hands on learning.

This curriculum is semi-formal, in that subjects are taught in a cross-curricular manner. There is a focus upon functional English and Maths which will equip students with the skills needed to become as independent as possible in their adult lives.

Pathway 3 – (A formal curriculum) – To provide a curriculum which provides the skills and attributes to enable students to maximise their Maths and English attainment and wherever possible achieve entry level accreditation.

This will provide the best chance of success on foundation courses at college. Independence is a focus of this curriculum giving students the confidence and resilience they will need to play an active part in their communities.

Curriculum statement 2022-23

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