Therapy Information

Useful contact information:

Ryegate & Physiotherapy Advice: 0114 2717622

Occupational Therapy Advice: 0114 2717610

Sheffield Childrens Hospital – Orthotics department: 0114 2717271

Rosscare Wheelchair repairs: 0114 2421257

Wheelchair Services at Northern General Hospital: 0114 2715807

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy office: 0114 2558621

Lydia (occupational therapist)

Jade (physiotherapist)

Helen (therapy assistant)

Georga (therapy assistant)

Please get in contact if you have any concerns and stay safe.


Talbot School Therapy Team


Our School Nursing Service would like to provide you with the contact details of our Duty phone number to offer to families, those accessing school who are thought to be vulnerable, if they require any additional health support.
School Nursing Service Duty phone no. 0114 3053284

Our service is unable at present to offer families home visits due to social distancing at the current time.

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