Phase 1 (Years 7/8)

Phase One

The Phase 1 department in Talbot School supports the year groups 7 and 8 with the age range of students being 11 to 13 years.

Students are currently classed by ability with classes varying in size from, roughly, 6 students to 12 students. Each class has 1 teacher and 2-3 support staff dependent on the size and needs of the groups.

Classes within the department follow a curriculum that is guided by the learning Pathway that is appropriate to the ability of the group.

Within Phase 1 all classes complete The Talbot Citizenship Award. This takes place for 1 day each week.  This is an award designed by Talbot School staff to cover aspects of learning not within the traditional curriculum areas. This includes ‘Enterprise and Charitable Organisations’, ‘Promoting Independence‘ and ‘The Physical Me’. The opportunities given to students in these areas allow staff to cover life skills and vocational opportunities, working on skills that support the students physical, mental and social development.

Within Phase 1 the Autumn term is a time for students and staff to become familiar with Talbot school and to adapt to new routines and class group as the new year 7 students join us. During this term we will hold a whole phase Harvest Festival celebration and at Christmas put on a department Nativity. Both these events are open to parent’s attendance.

As the students become settled and familiar with the school, opportunities for wider excursions become available and during the summer term a whole phase activity is explored wherever possible.

During the summer term Phase 1 supports the transition process of Year 6 students visiting Talbot ready to start school the next September. This is always an exciting time when students get to meet old friends from previous schools and support and welcome new friends to join us.

Phase 1 is an important part of Talbot School, offering the beginning of a period of our students lives that will set them up for their future. We are proud to support and help the students within their first 2 years at Talbot as they adjust, move forward and develop.

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