Communication at Talbot

Communication at Talbot Specialist school is at the heart of everything we do – we have high expectations of our staff team so our students can grow and achieve their potential.

Communication is vital to everybody. It enables needs to be met, opinions to be given and relationships formed.

At least 70% of what a person says is passed through gesture, tone of voice, facial expression and not the words we use.

At Talbot Specialist school we strive to communicate with each individual student in a way that is personal to them!

Communication at Talbot takes many forms so everyone is included;

Makaton, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) Core Vocabulary, Intensive Interaction, Objects of Reference and High-Tech support such as eye gaze and specialist switches.

We offer communication courses for parents throughout the year and send home monthly Makaton signing booklets to support communication at home.

Click the link to access our signing booklet.

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