Sports Leaders

At Talbot Specialist School we are passionate about creating the next up and coming sports leaders. We believe the sports leadership qualification encourages confidence, self-belief, discipline, organisation and many more attributes that will support our students later in their journey through life.

We work very closely with Sports Leaders UK to provide tailored courses specific for the needs of our students. Sports Leaders UK is a recognised qualification all over the world. The ‘Go Lead’ course that we offer links directly into the NCS foundation, which your child may go on to complete if they move onto college.


A few quotes from students who have done sports leaders in 2018/19;

‘I absolutely love being a sports leader’

‘I like to be the leader and use my whistle to control the game’

‘Sports leadership is the best; we want to do it all the time’

‘I really enjoy helping others play sport’

Boccia Young Leaders Award

In 2019/20 we are hoping to introduce the Boccia Young Leaders Award to some of our students who have completed their sports leadership qualifications.

Watch this space………

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