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At Talbot Specialist School we believe that all our students should be recognised for all their hard work, so we offer various accreditation courses which allows the students to gain a formal qualification in different areas of sport. These courses are designed around the specific individual needs of our students. Below are some of the qualifications that we offer;

Entry Level Physical Education:

The entry level PE qualification is designed around the individual needs of the students and is a practical based course. Assessment is all done through the practical skills of the students in 4 different sports. Throughout the year they take part in 10 different sports and their highest graded sports are sent for moderation.

They must be able to complete assessment in the following areas;

2 team sport, 2 individual sports and 1 officiating assessment. The students also must learn about health and fitness and active lifestyles.

We have been running this course now for 4 years and have seen over 45 students gain the qualification in this time. Some students have carried this on and studied sport in college at Post 16 level.

For more information about the course please have a look at the following OCR documents.

Guide to practical sports assessment

Physical Education Specification


Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders course is relatively new at Talbot Specialist School. We recognise that we have some very talented students who are natural leaders in sport, and we wanted to turn this into a formal qualification that they can use when they leave our school. In 2018 we ran our first sports leaders award which was a huge success. Now we are offering a clear pathway for students to progress up the sports leader’s ladder. We offer two courses at present;

‘I can Lead’

This course is designed around the basics of sports leadership and is an introductory course to give students the knowledge and confidence to go and lead small group sessions in sport. At the end of the taught lessons we invite students from a local primary school to take part in a sports festival where the sports leaders will plan, organise and deliver a sports festival to the primary school children.

From the Sports Leaders UK website;

I Can Lead uses sport and physical activity to help learners develop key leadership skills and increase academic performance. The award focuses on personal development and not just sporting ability.
It boosts academic performance and helps learners become more community-minded through volunteering opportunities and culminates in an award that will be recognised on your students’ CVs

Please visit the following link for more information:


‘Go lead’

After our students have completed the ‘I can lead’ course we offer them a further course in sports leadership which is the next step along the pathway. The ‘Go Lead’ course is designed to get students more involved in daily sporting activities within the school setting e.g. lunch clubs, after school clubs etc. Under direct supervision the sports leaders will run sessions for other students within the school.

From the Sports Leaders UK website;

On completing the award young people will gain:

  • A new understanding of how they can use leadership skills in their day-to-day work or college lives
  • The knowledge, skills and competencies to lead basic activity sessions under direct supervision

Please visit the following link for more information:

Please take a look at the information booklet: Go Lead

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