Student Council


Student Council elections took place in September and we are delighted that a record number of students put themselves forward.

In Years 7/8 we had 10 candidates

In Years 9/10/11 we had 11 candidates

In Post 16 we had 6 candidates

We are very proud of all the students who stood for election.


Our student council 2019-20

The student councillors have a very important role in school;

  • Student Council meets approximately every 2 weeks and students take turns to chair the meeting. Student’s feed back from meetings to Year Team assemblies.
  • Students are responsible for representing the views of all Talbot students.
  • They are role models and promote good communication within school.
  • They contribute to the development of school policy.
  • They support school sporting, cultural and curriculum activities.
  • They are involved in interviewing new staff.
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