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Talbot Specialist School is based in Sheffield and caters for students with special educational needs from Year 7 through to Year 14. As an inclusive school, we offer our students as many opportunities as possible to be off-site participating in a wide range of activities. We feel that students learn best when they have access to different environments, enriching their everyday lives.

At Talbot Specialist School our students love to get out on bikes and ride around the school grounds. It is great fun and a really enjoyable activity for all. Our students can also enjoy going out with their families riding at weekends and on school holidays.

Most of our bikes have been donated to school over the last few years and we have fixed and maintained them in school.

However, we don’t currently have a bike that is accessible to wheelchair users. These bikes are extremely expensive and it is something we would like to purchase for school.

Having a wheelchair-accessible bike it will allow all our students to join in with each other, cycling with friends together.

Please help us raise as much money as possible towards our target and help to get all of our students out riding a bike.

If you want to contribute, please do so on our Just Giving page

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