At Talbot School we have a team of communication HLTAs who work with the students to improve their ability to make independent choices, access their environment and progress in their learning. We do this by using as many different strategies as we can to create what is known as a ‘Total Communication Approach’. We use Makaton signing which we teach to all staff in school, work with speech and language therapists on individualised therapy programmes, create resources using programmes such as Communicate in Print to add images and symbols to words to increase understanding, provide specialist equipment such as high-tech communication aids and switches and low-tech communication aids such as PECS and visual timetables. 

At the bottom of this page you will be able to find resources that we make availible for parent/carers to use at home.

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Signs of the Month December 2016
Signs of the Month November 2016
Signs of the Month October 2016