12th May 2021


*FOOD BANK* – Ramadhan 2021

Hello and Salam 🤝🏼

We hope and pray that you are well in these difficult times.

During this special month of Ramadhan 2021 (April/May) we at the local Tinsley Hanafia Mosque on Sheffield Road have organised a *FOOD BANK* with the aim of ensuring that young or vulnerable people in the community, *regardless of their religious background,* do not go hungry. We are making deliveries of food packs to *LOCAL (Sheffield and Rotherham) individuals and families*, who cannot financially afford to eat properly or who otherwise due to age, illness, infirmity or the Covid-19 pandemic, are struggling to get food on the table.

If you are in need of a food pack, we will be more than happy to deliver one to you. All you have to do is contact us by phone call/txt on 07519322276 and provide
* your name
* address
* telephone number
* how many persons are in your household.

We appreciate your privacy. Your details will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other individuals or organisations.

Jazak Allah, Thank you and Stay Safe 🙂

*Tinsley Hanafia Mosque*
Ramadhan 2021 FOOD BANK Project

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