Mathematics Faculty

We all use Maths all the time – in fact Maths is everywhere and learning is lifelong. Maths is a tool for everyday life. It supports our practical existence in many ways, by helping make comparisons, identify differences, investigate relationships, establish connections and carry out practical activities. Maths enables us to ask and answer a myriad of questions such as ‘how much, how many, how far, more’ and it reaches into all corners of practical living.

At Talbot we aim to teach Maths in a way that gives young people both skills in the classroom and develops their mathematical awareness. Maths is central to so many curriculum subjects – Music, PE, Food Technology, Science, English to name a few – in fact it’s difficult to think of an area of the curriculum that Maths doesn’t touch. Maths is one of Talbot’s core subjects and we aim to create a practical enjoyable learning environment through which all students, whatever level they are working at, can blossom and achieve.